About Us

Washington Ornamental and Game Bird Breeders was established to encourage everyone interested in any type of ornamental or game bird to expand their knowledge and exchange their ideas with other bird breeders.


  1. To promote the welfare and encourage the breeding of pheasants, waterfowl, and other species of fowl, quail, partridge, and related birds to the generally accepted representative standards and pure of the wild species.
  2. To share breeding and propagation methods.
  3. To introduce new species of birds into private and public aviaries; to improve present captive breeding stock and to catalog present captive bird species and aviculture in the Pacific Northwest.
  4. To interest more individuals and groups in aviculture.
  5. To promote programs and other goals as may be deemed to be in the best interest of Pacific Northwest aviculture.


Washington Ornamental and Game Bird Breeders
c/o Larry Clark
15016 269th SE
Issaquah, WA 98077
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  • Larry Clark - President - 425-392-2425  manchodofarms@live.com
  • Craig Holmes - Vice President - 253-631-8357
  • Diana Clark - Secretary -  425-392-2425  manchodofarms@live.com
  • Steve Dazey - Treasurer - wogbb@hotmail.com
  • Diana Clark - Membership Chair - 425-392-2425 manchodofarms@live.com
  • Becky Sundstrom - Newsletter Editor - wogbb@hotmail.com
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  • Kathy Fries - Events Coordinator - kathyfries@hotmail.com
  • Becky Sundstrom - Spring Fair Chair - wogbb@hotmail.com
  • Craig Holmes - WA State Fair (Fall Fair) Chair - wogbb@hotmail.com

  • Jim Abernathy
  • Westley Batterson
  • JoAnne Elbert
  • Jim Harvey
  • Joe & Marge Longo
  • George Allen Jr.
  • Edna Goldstone
  • Phil and Bobby Krueger
  • Bruce Morgan


The Washington Pheasant Breeders Club was established November 19, 1965. A group of pheasant breeders had gotten together to promote the growing interest in raising ornamental pheasants privately. It also was designed to bring the breeders together to share breeding techniques for different species, and to assist one another in raising of these birds. The first meeting was at Cliff and Jo Anne Elberts home in Kent, Wa. Attending were the Williams' from Sumner, Ted Baginski of Puyallup, the Wengers from Federal Way, Bruce Morgan of Maple Valley, Bob Cramer of Lake Youngs Pheasant Farm, the Walkhoffs of Wishbone Bird Farm, Mrs. Ward Whitney of Auburn, and Joe & Marge Longo of Renton.

The next club meeting held December 12, 1965. Mr. Tooze and Mr. Shaw of the Oregon Pheasant Growers were invited to attend and provide helpful hints on organizing such a club. It was moved, seconded, and approved at this early meeting that our club should become a member of the American Game Bird Breeders Cooperative Federation. At this second meeting the club's name was modified to "Washington Ornamental and Game Bird Breeders" to accommodate breeders of waterfowl and other types of game birds.

At the second meeting of the club in February of 1966, the new club by-laws were published in the newsletter, "The Pheasant Pen". During that first year membership grew to 49 members from four different states. By 1968 our membership had grown to 72 members. Throughout the years meetings were held at members homes, annual shows were scheduled, and awards banquets were hosted at various locations around the state.

1982 was the year we hosted an international joint conference of the APWS (American Pheasant and Wildfowl Society) and IWWA (International Wild Waterfowl Association) in Seattle. At this meeting we honored the many breeding accomplishments of our own member Chuck Pilling. Attendees from Europe and across North America enjoyed tours of our local aviary collections, and field trips to the Olympic Peninsula and Skagit Delta to view wintering waterfowl.

In the past when the need arose to defend or represent our interests in any capacity we took the lead in our state as an advocate group. Today we still are active in representing our interests but we are more of an education and social group with similar interests.